“- it's simply about protecting the ones you love the most" - anon


Yes, it is one of those things we love to hate but we know it is important if we want to protect the things we love or value. Our role is to guide you through a process of identifying what the risks are, quantifying the risks and then finding the right solution. This involves a lot of behind the scenes analysis and research. After all we want to make sure that when it comes to claim time that what you have in place is going to work as planned. 


Qualitative analysis The quality of the core benefits being provided plus key features that are most appropriate for your situation together with assessment of policy definitions. Policy definitions vary between insurers and restrictive or poorly wording definitions can reduce your chance of a successful claim

Quantitative analysis Product premiums often reflect product quality therefore our recommendations may not always be for the cheapest premium. As part of the process we also assess projected premiums, as first year premiums may appear low but they may increase sharply with age compared to other providers

  • Personal

    Protection for you and your family when the unexpected happens, sudden death, serious injury or a critical illness.

  • Business

    The loss of a key person or a major shareholder can have a catastrophic impact on the business.

  • Medical

    Unexpected medical expenses can be financially stressful at a time when you need to focus on your health.

  • Rural

    It is important to recognise the unique issues that apply to farming operations when designing a risk protection plan.

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