Healthy People – Healthy Business


An employer knows how sick days can cost their business, and there is often not a lot that can be done about it. By introducing a group health insurance plan, this can give employees access to faster treatment to get them back on their feet and back to work, sooner.

A group health insurance plan can provide additional non-medical advantages for the employer, such as:

  • A benefit to make employees feel valued and cared for

  • Attract and recruit the best and brightest employees

  • Reduce staff turnover and retain loyal employees

  • Reduce sick days and improve productivity


Whatever the needs of your organization, there is a health insurance solution that’s right for your business. Choose from a range of options and added benefits:

  • Full subsidised – where the employer pays the employees premiums

  • Partially subsidised – share the cost between the employer and the employee

  • Voluntary – where the employees pay for their own premiums but still enjoy discounted premiums


Or create a special package to include immediate family, cover for certain qualifying pre-existing conditions or added benefits like specialists, doctors’ appointments or dental cover.


First Capital can work with you to design and implement a group health insurance plan which will improve employee engagement and wellbeing at work. We also offer individual and ongoing assistance to employees through on-site visits, email or telephone contact, to ensure they receive the plan that best suits their needs.